Congratulations! You have completed the first step in joining the Civil Air Patrol, which is to find a squadron located near you. Our squadron is a Composite Squadron, which means that we are made up of Seniors Members (adults) and Cadet Members (youth).  The best way to learn more about CAP is to visit one of our weekly meetings.  It is also the next step in joining.  Our weekly meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 1800 (6:00 PM) to 1930 (8:30 PM).  For more information on our weekly meetings, please visit our meetings page.  For directions to our squadron building, please visit our contact page.

Civil Air Patrol has four primary membership categories for individuals interested in joining.  These categories are outlined below, along with the associated requirements.

Senior Member:  CAP senior membership is open to adults 18 years or older. Members are provided with extensive training and education in more than 20 different fields. Whatever your skill or talent, there is a place for you in CAP.

Cadet Member:  CAP cadet membership is open to young people 12- 18 years old. A cadet can remain in the program until age 21. Cadets progress through a 16-step program of aviation and aerospace activities as well as learning invaluable skills in leadership and teamwork. Not only that, but cadets have fun – in the first year alone, a cadet can:

  • Go flying
  • Earn rank and awards
  • Learn color guard
  • Launch Rockets
  • Attend encampment and more…

Cadet Sponsor Member:  Parents, Grandparents, and legal guardians have an opportunity to participate in CAP with their cadet through a Cadet Sponsor Membership. You may serve as chaperones, provide transportation, or supervise cadets during squadron activities. Cadet Sponsors pay discounted annual membership fees and have a limited time commitment, but this membership allows you to volunteer with your cadet. Ask the squadron commander about becoming a Cadet Sponsor.

Aerospace Education Member:  If you are an educator, and enjoy hands-on activities or demonstrations, consider joining as a CAP AEM. If you have further questions about joining as an AEM, please contact National Headquarters at 877-227-9142 ext. 403 or